SelectLab Chemicals, founded 2008, specializes in custom synthesis and custom research with a particular focus on the production of complex and rare fine chemicals, such as

"Click chemistry" reagents and synthones (organic azides, isocyanates, isothiocyanates)

Our product offering includes fine chemicals, predominantly alkyl- and alkenyl azides, azidoalcohols. In the field of the elementorganic chemistry we spicialising on the

Fluorinated heterocyclic compounds, carbonic acids, ketones, alcohols and amines
Sources of “naked” fluoride ions
Fluorinated phosphorus acids and phosphines

All products are subject to strict quality control at every step in their synthesis, so that you as customer are guaranteed to receive a high-quality product.
We are a compact and flexible company, able to produce quotations rapidly on very favourable terms, and to supply high-quality products to short deadlines.
The young team of graduate chemists with many years of experience in research, production and analytics is able to handle enquiries and customer orders efficiently and offer intelligent and customer-oriented solutions.