Please verify availability and pricing prior to your order.
You may use any of the following methods for placing an order:

On-line: Search or browse the catalog for a compound you would like to order.
Fill out the request form and send us your order.
E-mail or Fax: We also accept purchase order via E-mail info@selectlab.de or Fax +49-(0)251-29794976
Please provide the following information when placing an order:
Recipient name / Contact information (Phone and Email)
Shipping address
Billing address
Product name, Catalog or CAS number, quantity and quoted price.
Placed orders will be confirmed within a short time via email.


Couriers: We use DHL, Fedex, and GLS. We accept recipient’s FedEx /DHL account number for shipment. There is no shipping fee if you provide us with your Fedex/DHL account number.
Costs: Please contact us for shipping rates if no account number is given. All shipping rates vary dependant on destination, chemical hazard, weight, and shipping company.
Handling: We charge NO handling fee.
Delivery confirmation and tracking number will be given as soon as we dispatch your order.

Payment methods

We accept wire transfer, and credit cards. Payment Terms are 30 days net.
Wire transfer: Our bank information is given on the invoice.
Credit cards: We accept Visa and Mastercard. Please call us (+49-251-8363430) with following information:
Card type
Card number and CVC
Expiration date
Card holder name and address
There is a 10 EUR bank fee for credit cards payment.